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The end of the Applet

Oracle has flagged the end of the Applet with it's post Moving to a plugin free web . Applets will be deprecated from JDK9 and Oracle have started talking about "how to migrate" ironically in a PDF... (this is the web guys)


We now have a CJUG Meetup page! Yeh!

I have found super handy to easily get push notifications of
what's happening each month - and connect with people you saw at the event
(and discuss the event afterwards - to grab that link someone mentioned at
the meeting).

Head on over and register yourself at:

You can then easily add events to your calendar of choice, get email
reminders of what's happening each month (and who's going), and easily RSVP
so we have a good sense of how many pizzas to order!

Stay special peeps!


You want to run CJUG?

Welcome to the 21st year of CJUG!! I've decided it's time for me to step aside and let others run this thing, I'm a little too under the pump at the moment and I can't do it justice right now.

So if one or more of you would like to step up please let me know and I'll get you together with the other people that make this thing work, like our sponsors.



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