May 2012

Understanding Scalability with Oracle - the basics for Java Developers

Marcelle Kratochvil

A lot of conflict DBAs have with developers is a perceived lack of understanding regarding how to build applications that can scale. Developers when working against a database make fundamental mistakes and then attribute that failure to weaknesses in the database.

This presentation will discuss what scalability really is and how Java programmers can build applications that can scale to support terabytes of data and thousands of users in an Oracle database.

This presentation will cover the basics of what scalability means and why scalability goes in both directions, from the incredibly massive databases, or database supporting millions of users to databases that have to work in small scale environments and in single user mode.

The Oracle database can scale, but has limitations at certain point in the hardware and software architecture. These points change depending on the version of Oracle and the hardware used. Understanding them is crucial for design. This presentation will also cover the issues DBA raise with Developers, and the concerns Developers have about the mentality of DBAs and why scalability is at the root cause of these conflicts.

The presentation will also cover the flaws in three tier architecture that most people are not aware of, and why some forms of object oriented programming inherently encourage inefficient programming habits. The presentation will cover a number of controversial subjects and challenge the DBAs and Developers to rethink their attitude when dealing with the Oracle database.

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