May 2010

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Real programmers don't need unit tests - John Smart

John Smart from Wakaleo Consulting, and author of Java Power Tools, is coming back to Canberra in May for another Java Power Tools bootcamp (May 3-7) and is taking some time off from his schedule to give us another CJUG presentation. So we're going to move the May meeting a week earlier to May 5th.

"Unit testing is a vital but neglected art. Good unit tests don't just test code: they are executable requirements that tell the story of your application, clarify your design, document your code and help track your progress. They help you find bugs fast, and fix them with confidence. If Real programmers don't need unit tests, they sure make life easier for the rest of us!"

Learn about:
  • Writing unit tests that tell a story, and illustrate the intended behavior of your application
  • Writing more robust tests by testing behavior rather than implementation
  • Why unit tests are better than integration tests for isolating bugs

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