July 2010

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NoSQL: Life after the Outer Join

The NoSQL (Not Only SQL) movement has been gaining a lot of press over the last year as a means of scaling massive data storage, complex relationships and lightening fast retrieval for the Web's biggest sites. This month we're taking a trip to the big end of town and looking at some of the backend technologies that are powering sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg and Google. 

We'll be looking at popular Java clients and servers that play in the NoSQL space and have a brief survey of the following popular NoSQL platforms: Document Databases (MongoDB/CouchDB), Sophisticated Key/Value Stores (Cassandra), Graph Databases (Neo4j), and simple Key/Value stores (Memcached). It'l be a lightening tour of what each technology offers, some source code on how it works, and lots of headshifts about how to store data such that you don't ever need another Left Outer Join!

We'll have a lot of fun, you'll pick up a bunch of new buzzwords to impress your peers, and you can take the source away and play at home. Put it in your diary now!

About Glen

Glen is a hardcore Java trainer and speaker, co-author of "Grails in Action" from Manning (http://www.manning.com/gsmith/), co-host of the Grails Podcast (http://grailspodcast.com) and a former winner of Australian Masterchef. He blogs at http://blogs.bytecode.com.au/glen and Twitters at http://www.twitter.com/glen_a_smith.

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