November 2009 Meeting - JBoss RESTEasy - Will Bath

RPC based web services built on SOAP and the WS-* stack have been a  mainstay in the toolboxes of developers for many years. Recently  another approach known as REST has been gaining popularity and support  across computing languages especially in the realm of “agile” languages such as Ruby on Rails and Grails. RESTEasy is a Java framework started by Bill Burke as a fully JAX-RS compliant implementation offering both client and server support. It features URL templating, query parameter mapping, automatic marshalling and unmarshalling, and more. Put simply it makes RESTful webservices Easy.

William Bath provided a brief introduction of REST and then went into some demonstrations of how to use RESTEasy in the development of services.

Note there was a extensive Q&A at the end of his talk, where will did some on the spot coding, but we couldn’t hear some of the questions so that didn’t make it onto the podcast, sorry.

Podcast: 6.3MB

Slides and code: 10.9MB

October 2009 Podcast - JSF 2.0 why bother? - Hrvoje

Hrvoje covered what JSF is and what you need to develop JSF apps including the main components JSF apps are made up of. Then he discussed integration with JEE 5 and 6 and what is new in JSF 2.0.

So listen to it :-)

Podcast: cjug-oct-2009-jsf.mp3 (16MB)

Slides: are here on google

September 2009 Meeting - BDD with easyb and JDave - John Smart

Behaviour-Driven Development, or BDD, is an excellent development strategy that can help bridge the traditional gap between requirements and implementation. This talk will go discuss the basic principles of Behaviour Driven Development, and look at how it builds on and differs from “traditional” Test-Driven Development. This session will demo two BDD tools: JDave, an open source framework that incorporates BDD concepts into JUnit, and easyb, a DSL-based behavior driven development framework for Java that uses Groovy to let you pretty much write tests that document themselves.

The Podcast for John Smarts talk at CJUG September 2009 is here.

Podcast 33MB

August 2009 Meeting - Maven is the new black - Glen Smith

Maven is full of features, but often a little short on “getting your head around it” material, so I’ll be giving a short 30 minute talk which just takes you through the basics of the core stuff you need to explore and gives you some demos of the benefits. On the list is a thumbnail sketch of:
  • Comparison with Ant
  • Convention over configuration stuff
  • Dependencies and Repos
  • POMs, Plugins and the Build lifecycle
  • Site Generation and Reporting
  • IDE Support

Slides:  maven 2 quick start cjug (pdf)

Podcast:Maven is the new black by Glen Smith

April 2009 - Intro to Griffon - Peter McNeil

Griffon is like Grails/Rails for swing apps. It’s a framework that uses convention over configuration, an MVC pattern and plugins… It’s early stages yet, but it’s probably the most exciting thing to happen to swing for a while (JavaFX not withstanding) Peter looked at what Griffon is so far, do a demo of where it’s at and how it works.

Griffon Demo Code

March 2009 - Drools 5 - Michael Neale

Here is the podcast (39MB) of Michael Neals Drools presentation at CJUG. The podcast was recorded in stereo using my new Pulse Livescribe pen. I think it did a remarkable job considering the size of the pen and the earphone microphones. The tricky bit is finding the audio files once the “Session” has been downloaded from the pen, and no, you can’t just save it from the Livescribe desktop. It can be found in the Livescribe/Library/some_random_number/somewherehere directory.


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